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My drum teacher, John is superb and very talented. He is very patient with his students and he cares. He specializes in drum lessons and tailors them to suit the needs of the students, which I actually consider incredible!!! You won’t regret taking lessons. I assure you =)


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We are a network of Uni Students looking for Drum tutor work….

We offer you 1 on 1 home private lessons for students of all ages & levels in the convenience of your own home

If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable drum tutor to come to your home – one of us will be available, & will be able to provide you a very reasonable drum tutoring rate.

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Getting Started Playing The Drum | Drum Lessons In Perth

In case you’re looking for a new instrument to learn, wanted an opportunity, or become an expert even, Drum Lessons In Perth is here to level up the experience as we go along with you on each lesson until you achieve your objective! Discover your capability as our drum teachers help you, beginner, to pro and will surely guide you in forming your musical journey with the instrument!

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Get exciting deals and learn from your own home or online. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge in no time, we suggest you contact us now! Our school community offers drum tutorial to get the focus and guidance to achieve the top results. You will be able to use the drum kit on the first lesson to amplify your curiosity and excitement. It is a powerful way to teach drum lessons for beginners.

When a student progresses beyond beginner drum lessons, they will move to intermediate then to advanced drum lessons programs putting them on the path to proficiency. Each Perth teacher aims at guiding students from beginner to skilled level using different drum methodology. Get the best rates today! Let’s rock Australia with your talent while you learn and having fun!

Drum Lessons Near Me Utilizes Confidence & Competence | Drum Lessons In Perth

You likely admire music so much that you wanted to learn drums yourself. Your determination could be the driving tool in learning music, and Drum Lessons teachers in Perth is here to guide you with other students as you reach triumph.

Your experience with our community will surely be worth your time, and you wouldn’t know our drums lesson teacher might be the key to achieve your dream to be the best rock star in Australia! Remember, “what the mind can conceive, it can achieve.”

Drumming Lessons Near Me Minimizes Stress | Drum Lessons In Perth

Actually, music can lessen your anxiety and stress. Drum lessons are a good way of reducing any concern level as it boosts happy hormones. Drumming is also a good exercise as your brain freeing good endorphins right after hearing music.

Whether you’re behind your drums, hitting a djembe in a drum circle inside a music studio in Australia, or beating a marching band bass drum, drumming is a stress reliever, playing it helps boost one’s mood.

Would Drums Lessons Near Me Increase Educational Achievement?

We must not be worried that having extracurricular activities like playing the drums could take away you and your children from his or her studies. It is discovered that young students learn multiplication tables and formulas effortlessly when involved with music, kids who understand rhythm at music classes learn fraction-concepts faster.

Drums can also assist in subjects like English as logical thinking is expanded by helping identify emotional cues or signs. Involving your children may help them accomplish better in school. The process of learning an instrument is valuable as it contributes to life long skills.

Guide for Beginners | Brisbane, QLD

For sure, you have seen kids or adults tapping the table or any surface as if it was an actual drum while music plays. Even you might have improvised an instrument just to play the beat where no drum kit is available.

You’ll be surprised how playing the drums creates a perception of the young minds inside and outside the school. This is a usual habit for young musicians who are starting to play a rock star through their drums and has the urge to make that beat of music out of nowhere.

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To get you started on your journey with music, time is gold! Contact us right away with any inquiries you have. Securing a slot for your kid or you will enable you to plan things and work around your schedule as needed. Our music studio will not let you down! Worry not about getting to know new stuff, be excited about what you will become after the music lessons!

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