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We are a network of Uni Students looking for drum tutor work across Australia….

We offer you 1 on 1 home drum lessons in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, & Perth for students of all ages & levels

If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable drum coach to come to your home – one of us will be available, & will be able to provide you a very reasonable drum tutoring rate.

Currently a student at the University of Technology Sydney, I am an experienced tutor who loves to share the joy of music with my students. I aim to make every lesson as fun and rewarding as possible.


Drum Tutor & Co-ordinator

Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University. I am passionate about helping students find joy and excitement in learning to play the drum, and helping to find and develop their own musical style.


Drum Tutor

Currently studying a Bachelor of Business at University of Western Sydney, I have completed all my drum grades in a short 4 year period. Music is a passion of mine and seeing each student’s love of music grow with every lesson is a great honour.


Drum Tutor

Currently an Engineering student at UTS. I love all musical styles ranging from rock to jazz to contemporary hits. I am excited to share my passion for music and composition with my students.


Drum Tutor

Currently a Bachelor of Advanced Finance & Economics student at the University of Queensland. I am also studying for my grade 8 exam. I am passionate about education and love to help students develop and explore their appreciation of music.


Drum Tutor

A diploma level drummer & a graduate from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Music. Encouraging others to develop their interest in the drum by passing on my knowledge and love for music is something I am very passionate about.


Drum Tutor


Beginner Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons In Your Home offers simple yet effective drum lessons for beginners that bypass entry-level pad training. Students are able to get behind a drum kit during their first lesson to start learning how to play the drums.

Through private drum lessons, students will learn introductory rudiments to drum fills and solos. Drum Lessons In Your Home has been teaching drum lessons to kids and adults for many years. Our core philosophy is that the best way for students to gain musical proficiency is through performance-based music education. All of our programs include a performance aspect.

Intermediate To Advanced Drum Lessons

When a student progresses beyond beginner drum lessons, they will move to Drum Lessons In Your Home’s intermediate to advanced drum lessons programs putting them on the path to mastery.

During weekly private lessons, our expert drum teachers guide students through advanced drumming techniques and training methods aimed at making them more skilled drummers. Advanced intermediary grooves, shifts and meters are taught and drilled until perfected. Drummers can ultimately play in bands and perform in live shows.

Local Teachers for Private drum Lessons in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, & Perth

Drum Lessons Australia is the right place for you especially if you are interested in private drum classes or lessons with certified drum teachers in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra or Brisbane.

Private drum lessons can speed up your progress, make practice more enjoyable, and improve your chances of gaining any real success in the music industry.

The modest cost of 1 on 1 drum lessons far outweigh the long term rewards.

Our professional local drum teachers are able to help students from all age ranges: from seniors, adults, teenagers, to young children.

In addition to the physical aspect of learning to play the drum your teacher will also introduce you to the basics of music theory, such as chords, the fundamentals of voice, key training, chord inversion, and note counting.

In addition you will learn exercises to facilitate and improve your technique more quickly.

In short your drum teacher can offer techniques and insights that will help to accelerate your progress in a way that likely will not happen if you teach yourself.

No matter whether you are at an advanced, intermediate, or beginner level, our teachers have a variety of different styles and backgrounds which means it should not be hard to find the right match for both your skill level and your musical taste.

The specialties of each of our teachers are listed on their profiles along with additional details like their personal background, photos, feedback from students, and their availability for giving lessons.

Students who prefer to take their drum lessons online can learn conveniently from home, pay lower rates, and choose from a much broader selection of teachers from all around the country.

If you have any experience taking music lessons using Skype, you will probably love our online 1 on 1 drum lessons.

We are so confident that you will be happy with your first lesson that we offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their first lesson.

With no risk involved, why not find

  • the best drum teacher in Sydney
  • the best drum teacher in Brisbane
  • the best drum teacher in Melbourne
  • the best drum teacher in Adelaide
  • the best drum teacher in Perth
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best drum lessons near me
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We are currently students at universities across Australia. We live in various parts of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, & Perth and are looking for more 1 on 1 drum tutoring students in their own home.


There is no clear-cut answer to this question, and it really depends on the student’s own motivation more than their age.

Lessons for young learners (students under 6) focus on the fundamentals of music, which can be built upon as they grow. For more mature students learning for the first time, the focus of lessons will be on styles you are interested in singing! Whether it is Jazz, Popular Music or Classical, we want to see all our students grown into talented performers.


The exact prices will vary from location to location, so it is best to contact us today in order to get a more exact quote. We offer 45 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute lesson blocks.

Your fee will include the private lessons, and all associated learning materials and guides.


You can take these lessons in the traditional way (in person), or if it is more convenient you can take them online. Either way, private drum lessons can speed up your progress, make practice more enjoyable, and improve your chances of gaining any real success on the drum.




Our drum classes are designed to enlighten and challenge drummers of all skill levels.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner (with no sense of time at all), or a long-time pro looking for new beats and fills.

Private drum lessons will show you how to play the drums with more confidence!



It’s never too early to start playing music. Drum Lessons In Your Home offers a proven method for teaching even the youngest students music and drum playing proficiency. These beginner lessons are geared toward teaching preschoolers to play the drums and other instruments through hand percussion and tools that spark the imagination whilst maintaining a high level of fun.



For many years Drum Lessons In Your Home has been the premier resource for kid’s drum lessons. Through private drum lessons, children learn to play the drums and eventually perform the songs they love in a fun, supportive and comfortable atmosphere. Based on a student’s age and skill level, drum lessons for kids are part of every Drum Lessons In Your Home music program


Learning to play drums offers teenagers a creative outlet and at Drum Lessons In Your Home we make it entertaining, fast and rewarding. In our innovative programs, students learn to play the drums through private lessons while playing popular rock ‘n’ roll classics and modern hits.


We make learning how to play the drums for adults as effective and fun as our programs for kids by drumming to popular rock favorites. Our Adult Program follows the same core philosophy as our drum lessons for kids. Our expert drum teachers guide students through a combination of private drum lessons


Tiane teaches all three of our children drum lessons weekly and has done so for more than a year. She is great with the kids (ages 7 to 14). She is not only talented and knowledgeable about music, but also has passionate about the art form.

She has been excellent about keeping them interested and excited about music and performance. I highly recommend the teachers from drum Lessons Australia

Jennifer Corapi, Happy Mother


Do you offer private drumming lessons?

At Drum Lessons In Your Home, we teach private drums lessons meant to build confidence and teamwork. While we do offer private drum instruction, we strongly encourage students to play in band rehearsals as a way of exploring group dynamics as they become more proficient on the drums.

Do I need to travel anywhere for my lessons?
We will come to your home, meaning you don’t have to fight traffic to get to after school lessons.

Should I have my own drum set or will you provide one?

Students are encouraged to purchase their own drums, especially as they reach higher skill levels. Drum Lessons In Your Home does let kids borrow drums, but for best results our drum teachers recommend students to have a drum set at home for daily practice, and a practice kit is a good, quiet option.

What areas do you service? On which days of the week?

Depending on location & teacher availability, lessons can be held on any day of the week are taught around all suburbs of Australia.

What is the best age to start drum lessons for kids?

There isn’t really a best age to start drum lessons for kids, but young kids can be natural drummers. Kids under the age of 7 generally don’t have the patience to learn to play drums in a controlled way, but with persistence and motivation some have learned to play drums as young as 4. The individual attitude and maturity level of the student is key.

How long will it take for my child to get good at playing the drums?

With steady practice, our drum lessons for kids can have your child playing with basic proficiency in as little as 6 months. Some students reach the level of advanced drummers in as few as 3-5 years, but it does vary.

Learning to play the drums doesn’t stop once your child leaves the classroom. To see best results, our drum teachers recommend that students spend at least 30 minutes every day practicing the drums.

What styles of music do you teach?
We are qualified to teach all styles of music, whether you’re interested in popular, contemporary, classical, jazz, or musical theatre.

However, we encourage our students to explore all genres to show them just how interesting singing can be.

We combine the important fundamentals with the music YOU want to sing. With all of the teachers at Singing Lessons Australia, you are sure to find the best match for YOU.

Am I too old to start drum lessons?
Absolutely not! There is no right age to begin learning a musical instrument, and the best time to start is now!

We specialise in singing lessons for adults and we can teach you your favourite songs, how to read music, theory, or just about anything you’d like to learn about the singing.

The singing is a fun and great way to exercise your creative abilities so don’t just dream about it, start learning.

What are your teaching qualifications?

We are highly experienced in teaching students of all ages and skill levels, and most importantly, they have a passion for teaching.

Being a musician doesn’t automatically make you a teacher–that’s why we search for those who are best qualified for mentoring our music students!

We have all undertaken a NSW Government certified “Working with children” police check, and you will soon discover we are very friendly and patient with children to make students comfortable with learning at their own pace.

We search for the top teachers, who embody the high values. Most importantly, our instructors strive to relate their teaching to each individual student’s learning style.

In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly, and strive to get to know each student and their parent on a personal level. We search high and low for the BEST teachers, so you don’t have to!

I don't have any musical background or ability. Can I still help my child practice?

Yes. Even if you don’t have a musical background you can ask the teacher for advice on how to help your child practice singing.

By simply monitoring that they are doing exercises a certain number of times per day the student will progress.

Parents will occasionally sit in on their child’s music lesson to get an idea of the proper way a song should sound or how the student should be positioning their body.

Do you offer drum lessons for 4 year olds?

While four years old is a little young for formal drum lessons, it’s not too early to begin teaching your child musical concepts that will be important once they are old enough for drum instruction at Drum Lessons In Your Home. Your 4-year-old can participate in the Little Wing music program to learn fundamental concepts through fun, dynamic musical activities.

Imagine your child, drum in hand, up on stage, strumming out to their favorite song.

Meanwhile, beyond just living out their wildest dreams, your child is building confidence and being mentored by the coolest drum teachers in Australia.

Private drum Lessons thrives on giving your child the experience of playing drum in a setting you wished you had as a kid. Whether or not you’re interested in acoustic drum or electric drum, we believe that drum lessons are meant to be fun, and that starts with learning the music your child wants to play.

When this happens, practicing begins with enthusiasm rather than being a chore! Can you imagine how much that could have changed your experience playing an instrument?

Private drum Lessons offers private 1-on-1 drum lessons to students 7+ in the convenience of your own home.

If you child is between the ages of 4 and 7 and wants to play the drum, check out our awesome Ukulele lessons to get them started!

Are you ready for drum lessons as cool as your kids?

The First drum Lesson

We know how important it is to learn the music you listen to! During your first drum lesson your teacher will ask you what your goals are, what music you listen to, and any specific song you may be interested in learning.

After getting to know more about you, your drum teacher will create a plan to help achieve your goals. This generally includes a drum method book and sheet music for your favorite songs.